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Path to National Status in a Moorish State

If you seek to correct your National Status and are under AMPAC’s Jurisdiction, the following is the path available.


Step 1. Watch the three videos on “National Status in a Moorish State”.

Video links:     Go to the videos on this page. View them in order from 1 to 3.


Step 2. Email AMPAC 

Include in the Subject Line: “National Status Class”


            Include in the email the following:   

  1. Full Birth Certificate Name or Appellation if you have chosen one.

  2. The Territory you domicile in.

  3. Best days and times to be contacted for subsequent zoom classes.


Step 3. We will email your homework instructions, a questionnaire, vocabulary, essay test questions, and the Nationality Information Form.  All answers are available from the material used in our videos, accompanying documents, and various dictionaries.


Step 4. Return the completed homework via email.  That return email address will be provided with the homework.  Be sure to return all the homework simultaneously; we will not be delaying the process for others while waiting for you to finish.


Step 5. When we have a minimum of 5 Moors ready to Nationalize, we will set up two (2) zoom classes based on your best days and times to be contacted.  Any Moor not in our territory/jurisdiction will be referred to the Moorish State closest to them.


Step 6. Once the zoom classes are completed, your paperwork will be prepared for you to sign and finalized in our Sunday open meeting by the appropriate AMPAC government officials.


Step 7. From that point on you are a Moorish National with AMPAC.  We encourage you to continue your studies and get involved at the level you are able. 


Peace and Love

Nationality has two (2) elements: 1,) Consanguinity (right of blood), Birthright, Inheritance, which makes us autochthonous, aboriginal, and indigenous to the land. 2,) Political Allegiance and Oath to our State, which asserts our pledge, fidelity, and commitment to the body politic of a State; thus, renouncing and denying any prior alleged political allegiance and oath.

First: Consanguinity begin by learning as much as possible about your matrilineal ancestry. Matrilineal means, mother’s line of descent, for instance your mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother, etc., Find out what your Matrilineal Nationality was before being reclassified as Black, Negro, African American, Indian, and other misnomers, etc.


This will give a solid foundation to understand your consanguinity. Among our Moorish nations, descendancy flows from the mother, not the father. If a Moors’ mother is an Albion, then the Moorish father’s mother’s line must be investigated.


A Moor conceived of a union with an Albion female is classified as a Patrilineal National. See the Law of Restoration for more detail on the AMPAC position regarding Matrilineal Nationals and Patrilineal Nationals. Historically there are no laws which treat of citizenship in the Moroccan Empire. Consequently, AMPAC does not include citizenship in the lexicon of National status.

Continue to supplement your erudition by watching and subscribing to the AMPAC Study Session Videos.  These videos are available on by typing Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado.

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