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Brittany Bey

Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado

November 21, 2022

Criminal Indictment,

Brittany Bey, nom de guerre Brittany Rideaux, in a conspiracy to commit Sedition and Treason against the Government of Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado, assumed a title not conferred by the Nationals or by the Dalil Aziz council; was observed on video recording impersonating the government office of Seyaraha, on November 11th, 2022. Article 2. Section 2. Of the Law of Restoration states, “The head of the Dalil Aziz shall hold the title of Seyaraha and shall manage the administrative affairs for the Dalil Aziz. The Seyaraha shall be elected, as their first order of business, by the Dalil Aziz body annually on May 2nd of each year. The election of the Seyaraha shall be affirmed by the Wazir Al’rais and the Head Qazi. The Seyaraha shall be the determining vote in case of a tie.”

The office that Brittany Bey assumed in a de facto manner, is currently occupied and active members of the Dalil Aziz, Nyria Deng Al, Sana Wase El, and Ahava Ruach El had no vote or input into any decisions regarding leadership, making any exercise illegal and an open act of treason against the State of Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado. Furthermore, Articles 3 and 4 of the law of Restoration state, “3. The Dalil Aziz shall introduce, vote on, and present to the Wazir Al’rais for signature any and all bills which pass through their body. Bills for consideration may be presented to the Dalil Aziz from within the body, from the Wazir Al’rais, and the Moorish Nationals who are the body politic for the provincial government.  The Dalil Aziz shall oversee and initiate, if necessary, impeachment proceedings (for removal) upon any Executive, Dalil Aziz or Judicial Officer who violates and abuses their powers in contradiction of this Law of Restoration.

Brittany Bey, as a member of the Dalil Aziz, took part in the votes to remove the former Qazi Jermaine Bey, nom de guerre Jay Spencer Diaz and former Consul General Conya Bey, nom de guerre Conya Robinson. Brittany Bey’s participation in those removals makes any action after the November 4th and November 5th votes Void Ab Initio. A void ab initio agreement is Latin for "void from the beginning." This means that legally, a contract was void as soon as it was created.

Continuing, Article 4. states “The Dalil Aziz members shall be constrained from admitting patriarchs into their ranks, using the office for personal gain, exercising undue influence, influence peddling, receiving emolument from a foreign power, receiving bribes, appointing offices not approved by the Dalil Aziz, issuing special interest bills presuming to confer civil rights, and requiring personal oaths of allegiance.” Given the current members of the Dalil Aziz had no knowledge of the seditious acts it stands to reason that Brittany assumed that she could allow patriarchs into the council to confer a title upon her; which again, is void of truth, seditious and treasonous.  


Brittany Bey at front and center of the colluding parties then published a video of the crime on a counterfeit duplicate channel titled “AMPAG Government” on November the 12th 2022, publicizing the corruptions against the State and exposing the criminal conspirators and their minor children to felony charges from the State under the Law of Restoration Article 5 section 2 & Article 5 section 4 paragraph 8, the first of which states; “Every elected or appointed official works for the people who are the Nation. Any attempt to confer upon oneself a title other than the title they are elected to is prohibited and will subject the official to investigation for infractions against the people, their office, and the national government” and the second which states, “The fifth crime is treason against the nation and the Moorish Nationals, which carries a penalty of capital punishment. To be found guilty of Treason, two (2) witnesses to the overt act against the Nation shall be sufficient to initiate a full investigation into the Treason. The two (2) witnesses must each provide an affidavit of fact detailing in an explicit fashion the entire scope of what was witnessed including all parties involved. After a complete investigation, adjudication and sentencing the punishment shall be carried out immediately.”

The nature of the crime being aggravated and egregious given the foreknowledge of the removal of key officers, the former Qazi Jermaine Bey and the former Consul General Conya By. It is hereby determined that the evidence of the on-going crime, which is blatant and observable, be forwarded to AMPAC’s Judicial Branch for formal charges against the defendant, Brittany Bey aka, Brittany Rideaux.

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