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Executive Office of the Wazir Al'Rais

Dawud Habib El Amen

Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado

November 4, 2022


Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado,

Nationals and officers of the government, seeking wise council and oversight, the office of the Wazir Al’ Rais made an appeal to the matriarchal council on October 19th of 2022, asking for their wisdom on the matter of the insubordinate words and actions of the Consul General Conya Bey. I submitted all emails and communications from the Wazirs office to the Consul General and all the responses.

I am the head of the Executive Branch of AMPAC, [1]Article 1 section 1, but cannot unilaterally in appointment nor dismiss any officer without the approval and oversight of the Dalil Aziz matriarchal council. It is by their unanimous vote of no confidence, three to zero that I remove the Mufti, Consul General from his appointed position.

The Consul General failed to live up to the fidelity of his oath to the “Law of Restoration” and the supporting Executive branch policy, both signed with his appellation in wet red ink.


The Law of Restoration Article 5. section 2.


2.         Every elected or appointed official works for the people who are the Nation.  Any attempt to confer upon oneself a title other than the title they are elected to is prohibited and will subject the official to investigation for infractions against the people, their office, and the national government.


Conya Bey in the office of Consul General conferred upon himself powers not delineated in the articles of our Constitution, stating on the record that “My office is autonomous.” He has on the record demeaned and insulted our Matriarchal council, calling them weak in an attempt to apply undue influence. It is reported that he has berated our Seyaraha and hung up in her face because he disagreed with the opinion of the legislature.


He has written emails to the Dalil Aziz members ordering their compliance to actions he had no authority exercise. Furthermore, the Consul General refused to investigate legitimate affidavits submitted to his office but instead substituted his personal judgment without properly investigating and documenting his findings.


Executive Branch Policy, August 6th, 2022

1. Conformity, meaning compliance with the Constitution's standards, rules, or laws and the executive branch of government. Adherence to the operating procedures installed in this policy. Behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions, and standards of operation.

2. Order, meaning orderly in a good manner. The transparency and discipline among each officer in the executive branch. The harmonious relationship of individuals working for the common good on behalf of the Nationals of AMPAC.

3. Transparency, meaning the access and proper disclosure of information. Transparency also involves clarity of purpose and motive with government information and property, intellectual and tangible.

These three principles will be used to judge the merits of any allegation that may be levied at a person or on the branch as a whole. There shall be no comingling of funds, property, information, or work product. The separation of personal and government product must be clearly delineated.


The Dalil Aziz in their collective wisdom considered all the facts and voted no confidence, it is with the power of the office of Wazir Al’ Rais that I remove Conya Bey from office. This dismissal is effective immediately, and pursuant to the Executive Branch policy paragraph 5, “All government product must be forfeited in the event of, termination, resignation, retirement, or removal from office.” A twenty-four-hour period to gather and reposit government property will be extended as a courtesy.


Dawud Habib El Amen, AMPAC Wazir Al' Rais| 720.252.6899

Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado

Free Moorish Estate before Colorado

~Nobilitas morum plus ornat quam genitorum~



[1] 1.

The Provincial Divan as expressed in this The Law of Restoration shall include three branches of governance.  Herein shall be covered the Executive Branch. Wazir Al’rais shall be the title for the highest office in the Government. This executive office includes a deputy, secretariate, as well as other offices required for the executive administration for provincial affairs.


Affidavit of Fact


Appellation of accused: _Conya Show Bey____


National Office: _Executive Branch, Consul General


Of sound mind, of the age of majority, and able to contract, do hereby aver the following facts:




Mufti (Consul General) under the executive branch is not only partial but bullies me as Dalil Aziz member by constantly attacking me in our private government meeting. Examples, the mufti constantly brings up my past relationship in front of the government. The mufti was a very close friend with my ex and for some reason he brings it up the last comment he made was on 10/20/2022 stating “Tariff molestation towards Nyria” completely inappropriate and disregard to the pain I have endured, I did not respond. This brings back the shame and trauma.


On 11/15/2021 an incident occurred between a national and a subject. I called the mufti for a nongovernment conversation regarding “HighTower Security” and the mufti asked me “What is going on?” I attempted to ignore the question since I do not involve my personal matter with business. He then, asked me again this time yelling at me “What is going on”?  this point I knew that Tariff told him about our altercation. So then, I told him everything, the mufti advises me to write an affidavit and to keep my mouth shut while this matter is being investigated. On November 17th, 2021, I received a temporary restraining order and was ordered to stay away from Tariff for 90 days. After the 90 days was completed, I received sanctions which I follow.


How was the mufti partial in this case? I was sanctioned as the victim and to this day, I do not know why. I never heard Tariff’s side of the story; I never viewed his side of the story. I was sanctioned way before I can open my mouth. As soon as I walked in, the mufti asked me “What is the law of restoration?” I gave him the “what are you talking about look?” and that’s when the chief Qazi settled the temperature and started to ask me about the event.

During the cross examination from the Qazi the mufti remained mute after the Qazi instructed him to. During this meeting, I did not mention the sexual assault allegation because it’s too private and sensitive at the time.  Please also understand my state of mind, I had no one, no family, friends no one. At the time AMPAC was all I had. During the investigation, I was accused of lying as a “victim.” The mufti was very close with Tariff at the time, and he defiantly sided with Tariff by delaying my nationality process from November 2021 through January 2022. After my sanction, I started attending AMPAC Sunday meeting.


After my sworn in nomination, I have noticed the mufti is constantly using Tariff and I case as a display amongst everyone in the nation. I asked the entire nation of AMPAC to please not use Tariff and I as an example because this event is very hurtful. Not only did everyone in the nation agree to not mention this topic again. A motion was put on the table end of August to never mention this topic. This has been mentioned three times afterward on three different occasions.  The mufti’s motives to bring this up is unknown, in my opinion, to intimate me or to act like he has one up on me.


During AMPAC government meeting, I noticed the mufti makes indirect comments towards me such “I make little to no contribution” another comment insinuating that I’m making inappropriate FB comments in the summer time and the list goes on and on however I simply ignore him. I do not condone bullying and that’s what the mufti is doing. Not only does he continue to defame my name and character for whatever motives through department heads. On Wednesday 11/02/2022 the mufti sent out a text message asking for signatures. I responded there is no need for the entire body of the Dalil Aziz to sign the documents. Not only did he call me by “my straw man name” but he called the head Seyaraha defaming my name and character.



Gerund or present participle: bullying. Seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable) Oxford dictionary.

The mufti never investigates anything either he is deflecting or making assumptions such as followed; His presumption that I, Gbonde Wase Bey, requested a resignation from the Dalil Aziz is false. The lack of work and the irresponsibility of his department seems to be consistence.


  1. The wazir vs mufti start date August 22, 2022 to this present day 11/03/2022. The seyeraha sent out an email stating as followed,

Good Night Nationals,


This is my last email tonight.  The House of Dalil Aziz are presenting a bill for a change of the state seal. Please feel free to comment your thoughts in regard to changing the seal. The Dalil Aziz will leave this posted until Friday.    Thank you.



Respectfully your Seyaraha

Ahava Ruach El.


  1. 09/21/2022 the mufti sent out a six-page sanction towards the Wazir and it was rejected by the house of Dalil Aziz because the mufti was being partial in his investigation. Not only that the house of Dalil Aziz had two phone conference call, the first call took place on

    1. September 21st with the mufti, the house of dalil aziz asked the mufti “what is the next step” and simply said you write down the sanctions and send it out. He also advised us to not contact the Qazi or the Wazir while we make our decision. 

    2. On September 28th  The house of Dalil Aziz asked what is the “Due Process” and he basically told us we make the decision and the officers will follow whatever the mothers put in place and stated that he has our back no matter what.” On

    3. October 12th, 2022, mufti called me directly going back on his own words by stating “AMPAC has a due process that we must follow and now we are able to contact the judicial branch for any questions or concerns regarding the attempt to impeach the Wazir Al’rais.

    4. On October 12th, 2022, at 5:45 PM I sent out a text to the mufti notifying him that the house of Dalil Aziz will contact him because he wanted to pass the message to the entire body of Dalil Aziz.

Not only did the mufti failed to mention the due process instruction to us, but now to my awareness, AMPAC does not have “due process” step by step guidelines.


Law of Restoration states in the inalienable rights section

#8- . The right to due process of law, with notice and opportunity to defend.

October 12, 2022



Mothers, thank you for your review on the pass allegations and sanctions regarding the judicial, acting minister and the Wazir… 


Upon review we must have due process of law all parties involved must be able to respond to their allegations….. 


Please make me apart of your Dalil aziz call tonight 


Thank you 


  1. The Consul General shows us his lack of knowledge to his department but misguided the House of Dalil Aziz because he thought we were going with his sanctions. After this occurred the Consul general has shown constant disrespect towards the mothers by yelling at the Seyaraha on the phone which I witnessed, and he even acknowledged he was yelling on October 12th. 


  1. October 29, 2022 at 1:14 PM the Consul General sent out an email as follows

I suggest for the next 30 days that there is no Fraternizing… with any  of the 3 heads government officials. What does this mean …. hanging out with each other on a personal level no specials meeting or ex parte conversations (please reframe from meeting at the gun range today). There should be no private dinners together or any social gatherings together anything moving forward from the 3 head branches of government,  a mediator should be there to assist… i suggest every Wednesday for there to be a meeting at 6:30 pm between the 3 head branches executive, judicial and legislative. 


2. Sister circle time  from my opinion should wait until all bills are passed… that has been presented to the legislative branch and the 128 page for  Dalil aziz rules are signed and ready to go into effect and the Wazir has signed his 6 month probation documentation and it must be made public for our government 


3. There is too much work to do let’s take the next 30 days and get our affairs in order … a true leader never agrees with the locker room…they keep the locker room focused…  which in our case is uplifting fallen humanity thru legislation and Moroccan law enforcement.. 


May Allah help you all with your affairs 

 But you have too look in the mirror and ask yourself have you done enough for your people or have you been playing the victim… 



Peace and care 


Cony’a show Bey - mufti 


Sent from Proton Mail for iOS


The Consul General is out of line due to incompetency, indecision and disrespect towards the House of Dalil Aziz.  The Consul General continues to reject The House of Dalil Aziz chambers request for the minutes as of 11/04/2022 at 6:00 p.m. Please open the attachment for a review of the mufti comments. Today 1:00 PM he sent out an email which is also attached. Please open for review. 



Dalil Aziz,

Nyria Deng Al

Closing statement: I _Nyria Marsa Deng Al______, attest to the fact everything presented is true to the best of my recollection. This Affidavit of fact is hereby signed under the penalty of perjury.

                     Appellation Autograph _Nyria Marsa Deng Al______Date 11/05/2022


Between June 2022 through August 2022 the chief Qazi and mufti Involving the former Minster foreign affairs

slam Seyaraha and the Dalil Aziz, I received an email from Conya Show Bey speaking as 1st Trustee and Consul General.


His presumption that I, Gbonde Wase Bey, requested a resignation from the Dalil Aziz is completely false.  What I did was request immediate action by the Dalil Aziz to terminate My Trustee Agreement with the A.M.P.A.C. National Trust, AMPAC Trust, and Restoration Mutual Trust, as per terms of the Trustee Agreement.


I have yet to hear, as requested, from the Seyaraha and the Dalil Aziz as to the status of that request and any action taken.  The Dalil Aziz is the only body that has authority to determine the status of a Trustee in regards to termination of Trustee Agreement.  


The Consul General has no authority regarding a Trustees' request to the Dalil Aziz.  Also, the Consul General is off base in presuming that he has the right to reframe a request for termination from the Dalil Aziz to a resignation (the only body which can make such determination).  


The Trustee Agreement between Gbonde Wase Bey and the Seyaraha/Dalil Aziz specifically describes Termination as opposed to Resignation.


No Trustee has authority to intervene between a Trustee and the Dalil Aziz regarding that Trustee's request for termination of Trustee Agreement.


My request is still on the table.



Gbonde Wase Bey,


Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado (AMPAC)

~Free Moorish Estate before Colorado~

369 Maghrib Road

Lat: 39.70709001962732 N. by Long: -104.93441360240126 W.

c/o 501 South Cherry Street, Suite 1100 

Glendale, Colorado corporations [80246]

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