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Foreign Relations with Moorish States


This Foreign Relations position of Allodium Moorish Praedium Ante Colorado is to further relations with other Moorish Provincial State Governments in order to restore the Moroccan Empire.  The Moroccan Empire has been dormant for many decades, and for the restoration of Morocco from the ravages of colonialism it is time to gather other Moorish States to bring the Shereefian Authority back to its glory.


To strengthen our State’s position with and through the various Moroccan Treaties, it is advisable for us to team up with other Moorish States through Bilateral and Multilateral Treaties to begin the process of expanding our collective standing as an international body politic with powers to effectuate enforcement of international law on behalf of all Moors in Northwest Amexem.


We at AMPAC are dedicated to fostering amity and cooperation between Moorish States in Northwest Amexem.  These States formed or yet to be formed are at varying levels of advancement.  Each has unique expressions, talents, skills, and purposes to fulfill, for the restoration of the Moroccan Empire. 


For AMPAC to move forward upon treaties with Moorish States, our internal law requires that certain criteria be met.  This criterion is simple and straight forward. 


Each State seeking to enter into Treaty with AMPAC or with which AMPAC seeks to Treaty must have fulfilled the following criteria:


  1. State Flag and Seal

  2. State constitution fully ratified

  3. A population who has completed an Oath and Allegiance to the State

  4. Elections among the Nationals of record in the State

  5. Public Inauguration

  6. Declaration of Statehood, deposited with the UN Secretary General’s office, as well as the U.S.A., U.S., and the State of…


After these criteria are met and there is mutual compliance proven, AMPAC and other Moorish States may enter the process of negotiating Treaty terms.


Once the Treaty terms are complete and agreed upon, the Treaty shall be signed, ratified, and deposited by each party with the UN Secretary General’s office as record that the Treaty is in place and in full force.


The following circumstances would prohibit AMPAC from entering into treaty relations:

  1. Two (2) States attempting to form within the same Territory.

  2. A State attempting to claim more than one (1) Territory, thus possibly usurping Moors in an adjacent disputed territory.

  3. Two States in dispute and needing intervention through mediation or arbitration.

  4. Deceptive display of Statehood attempting to obfuscate and/or hide self-appointment status.

  5. Internal conflict that would prevent a State from exercising full powers due to the three (3) branches of government being compromised.


These criteria and circumstances are expressed to assure that the treaties entered into, with AMPAC, have a full opportunity to establish amicable and cooperative relations between Moorish States.  We are looking forward to having the opportunity to engage and negotiate treaties that will serve the larger picture of bringing the Moroccan Empire to full prominence in the international community.


Peace and Love

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